Turning seaweed – sea vegetables – into a mainstay of American menus

...."We are hoping seaweed is going to be the next kale,”referring to the once-doughty winter vegetable...

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The Need to Eat Seaweed: Salt Controversy

Some may think that the use of  iodised salt has eliminated iodine deficiency; however studies done...

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Seaweed can help prevent & heal cancer

A variety of lines of research around the world have shown that seaweed can play an...

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Why eat Kelp Seaweed?

Kelp is the best natural source of iodine available and generally a positive alternative to salt....

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What is all the fuss about iodine?

For hundreds of years, iodine has been known as the element that is necessary for thyroid...

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Seaweed, a healthy & versatile food

Louise of Pacific Harvest was interviewed by Melissa Turner, the main driving force behing the program....

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Experience: "Seaweed Secrets"

Irish Moss is a Northern Hemishere - Atlantic seaweed which has similar culinary characteristics to Sea Chicory[http://products/red-sea-chicory/], a...

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What is Kelp Seaweed and Why Is It a Superfood?

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Are Kelp Noodles by Sea Tangle a raw food ? Kelp Noodle are used in many raw foods recipes

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