Thank you so much for supporting us at our Biomedical seminars by providing tasty dishes and numerous and delicious samples for seminar attendees to experience. Your product is so fresh and tasty and just exceptional quality.

I admire and share your passion for education around sea vegetables, their many benefits for our health and the fact they are so versatile. I regularly direct my clients to your site not only to find stockists in their area but to look at your excellent recipes. Your seaweed stock recipe is my favourite, especially for my vegan clients and the dressings and  salsa recipes are used daily in our house.

Gina Wilson, BHSC, B'Ed Tchng, ND, DipHerbMed, Nutrition Consultant Naturopath specialising in health, learning and behaviour. Biomedical therapist

We have worked with Pacific Harvest for over 15 years and absolutely love their product range which is constantly growing and improving in all ways.

They have been brilliant to deal with, they really put their heart into what they do and it's been a pleasure to do business with them.

Rachel Miller, Co-Owner/Manager, Wild Earth Organics

I’ve used Pacific Harvest Seaweeds for 15 years now, as a Naturopath my favourite has always been the recommendation of Kelp as a great natural source of Iodine. I use kelp salt in all my family meals and often recommend it to clients and customers of Naturally Organic.

I’m such a fan of the nutritional benefits of Seaweed I incorporated education and demonstration of Seaweed recipes in the cooking weekends of a Nutrition Diploma for several years.  My top 3 reasons for recommending seaweed are Iodine, Magnesium and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These are all nutrients often needed in higher amounts in the New Zealand Diet. As I’m a great believer in “food as medicine” Pacific Harvest Seaweeds are naturally one of my favourite therapeutic foods. They are great quality and taste great too.

Karen MeesBHSc. ND.,

Amazing service Amazing produce

Giapo Icecreams,