What is Irish Moss?

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Natural irish Moss, dried

Irish moss is not actually a "moss" but a type of red seaweed that has been used for centuries in Ireland and the Atlantic Coast of Europe & North America for its healing properties, to fortify and strengthen malnourished individuals.

Irish Moss is consumed in a different way to the other commonly available seaweeds, because it gets very mucilaginous when soaked in water; it is often used as a vegan substitute for gelatin as it provides a similar consistency.

Although it has traditionally simmered and consumed as a liquid broth, modern-day recipes often make a raw blended gel which is then added to various foods and drinks as a nutritious thickening agent.

The strong aroma of ocean that comes out of the package will turn into a barely detectable flavour after soaking & rinsing, the colour too will lighten and if the little red stems are removed, you get a nice cream jelly.

Irish moss contains many beneficial vitamins and trace minerals such as sulfur, iodine, iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium, potassium and folate. Traditionally it has been used as a respiratory tonic to relieve congestion, coughs & sore throat; to treat skin conditions & generally nourish the skin; to strengthen connective tissues & cartilage & reduce inflammation of the joints; and it is soothing to the digestive tract, lubricating the mucus membranes while mildly laxative.
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Disclaimer: This material is provided for educational purposes only and IS NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This information is generic and should be verified by a qualified health practitioner for specific & individual needs & requirements.

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