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Seaweed in the kitchen: culinary information, tips and methods

Create Strong Umami Dishes

Strong Umami dishes are the result of the synergistic combination of different Umami foods as well as the releasing & concentrating of the amino acids.

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Spirulina Daily – a Big Difference to your Wellbeing

Having Spirulina every day can make a huge difference to your ability to fend off diseases & ailments, especially as you age. Spirulina is not a seaweed, but a bacteria that grows in warm & sunny climates in bodies of fresh/blackish water. It has some affinity to the algae world in that it's chlorophyll-rich and nourishes…
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Seaweed in your Diet – How to Get Started

[caption id="attachment_6775" align="aligncenter" width="4695"] Dishes with seaweed at Pacific Harvest tasting[/caption] From doing lots of tastings and workshops, I know that even though people absolutely believe in the nutritional & wellness virtues of seaweeds, it is for most, a significant challenge to make it part of the diet consistently enough to make a difference to…
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Seaweed in Your Diet – what you need to know

Because the majority of us haven't been brought up using seaweed as a food, it can seem a daunting task to know how to start. The focus on Asian food has brought us sushi, miso soups & coloured seaweed salad and these usually sum up much pretty much our experience & general knowledge on how…
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DULSE – Culinary Uses

Naturally dried Dulse leaves Dulse, a red seaweed from the Atlantic, has been used as food & medicine for centuries. It is harvested from the wild in Eastern North America, Ireland & Iceland. It is enjoying a revival at the moment, dubbed 'the next kale' as explained in Bon Appetit Food Magasine: 'How to Eat…
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WAKAME – Culinary Inspiration

With a mild taste that gives it great versatility. Although there is much Wakame culinary inspiration coming from Asia - Wakame is a Japanese staple often found floating on a bowl of miso soup - there is much tradition in the West with Alaria, a seaweed that has been dubbed the 'Atlantic Wakame'. In Japanese, wakame…
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