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Seaweed in the kitchen: culinary information, tips and methods

Raw Irish Moss Gel – Culinary Applications

Irish Moss is a versatile ingredient that can add texture & nutrition to a variety of dishes Many of the simmered applications relate best to desserts, soups/broths & sauces where other ingredients need cooking anyway. But there's a new generation of foodies that are totally committed to natural, raw & unaldurated foods that have developed a treasure…
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Working with Irish Moss

Irish Moss is consumed differently than most other edible seaweeds. The great mucilage it contains accounts for both its culinary & therapeutic qualities.

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Agar in Raw Food Recipes

Raw food recipes often present challenge with texture, especially when trying to make them low calories & low fat. The naturally occuring gel in seaweed has no fat and very few calories while providing a lovely texture and many essential nutrients. Agar is not strictly RAW but there are ways around the issue and still create raw food…
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Gelatine to Agar Conversion

CULINARY AGAR Unlike gelatine (derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones), Agar comes from seaweed. A positive gelatine substitute, Agar has no taste, no odour and no colour, and sets more firmly. It is more potent than gelatine, sets at room temperature and stays firm even when the temperature heats up. USING AGAR AS GELATINE SUBSTITUTE Agar…
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Making Low sugar Jams & Spreads with Agar

Rhubarb marmalade, perfect with croissants! I didn't know anything about agar and cared little for low sugar fruit jams when I first made this recipe after a week's holiday at l’Ile aux Coudres in Quebec, Canada. Ile aux Coudres is a charming little island in the Gulf of St-Lawrence, 6km from the main land. It is home to about 1200 people,…
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Make Your Own Seaweed Wraps, It’s Easy !

Most people's first experience of seaweed is sushi. These little bite size morsels are considered 'fast food' in Japan. Although they are a delicious way to start appreciating the taste of nori, the seaweed wraps are often over processed and glazed with flavoured salty mixtures to make them shiny and resistant to the ambient moisture, which…
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