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Seaweed & Wellness: traditional & current knowledge on health effects

Why Eat Kelp?

Ecklonia radiata kelp also called North Island Kelp Kelp is the best natural source of iodine available and generally a positive alternative to salt. Kelp contains less sodium than salt, along with additional minerals required by the human body and a salty taste. Kombu is the Japanese name for kelp. In Japan, Kelp is presented as a…
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Natural Iodine, Critical to your Health

Iodine is regarded as one of the most important trace minerals for human health and it plays a vital biochemical function in the regulation of hormone levels in the body. Iodine is essential in the bio-synthesis of the hormone thyroxine, also known as the thyroid hormone. The metabolic rate of the human body is regulated…
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The Many Benefits of Sea Salt

New Zealand Salt Producing Centre at Lake Grassmere. Courtesy of Dominion Salt Unrefined Salt is an important ingredient to good health. In fact, no electrolyte is more essential to human survival than salt. The controversy about salt is two-fold: first, about whether iodised salt is good for you and second, about how much salt one should have.…
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Seaweed’s Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of seaweed far surpasses that of land plants. The first plants on earth, they are among the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet.

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Bladderwrack External Remedies

There are many benefits for your body and well-being from soaking in a seaweed bath. The more consistent you are with the baths the more benefits you will receive. General benefits: Dissolves excess fat deposits Soften & tones the skin Strengthens the hair, skin & nails Restores skin tone & vitality Flushes out toxins Helps control cellulite…
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Beneficial Effects of Agar

Agar's benefits lie in the fact that it's a functional food, nourishment is only one of its contribution to a healthy body. AGAR'S BENEFITS AS A FUNCTIONAL FOOD Agar is very nourishing but has virtually no calories and is fat-free. According to the USDA nutritional data, Agar is a good source of many important minerals. More specifically, Agar…
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