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Lamb Loin w Smoked Kelp Crust & Bean Salad

[caption id="attachment_6402" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Recipe & Photo by Alison Pirrie-Mawer[/caption] A satisfying dish for a cold winter night. Smoked Kelp performs 3 duties here: flavours, tenderises & replaces salt, producing meat that is tender & juicy. [row_fluid][one_half] INGREDIENTS: Serves 2 Lamb: lamb loin 2 tsp Pacific Harvest Smoked Kelp seasoning 2 tbsp oil Salad: 2…
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Fish Pie with Dulse

An easy fish pie recipe is a winner in many households: nutritious (especially when it features seaweeds), one plate meal and ultimate comfort food!

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The Perfect Tomato Sandwich

Want to lift your tomato sandwich? Try this: avocado's creaminess balances dulse's saltiness and all is the perfect complement to a garden sweet tomato.

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Dulse Pesto

Seaweed pesto is a wonderful way to add seaweed to your diet. Here we use Dulse, a brightly coloured, smoky flavoured seaweed that is also high in iodine.

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Dulse, Soba & Shiitake Soup

This soba noodle recipe attends to all the senses & most ingredients are considered to be super-foods. This nutrient-rich broth feeds both body & soul.

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