karengo snack debbie 118This crunchy snack made with Karengo, is a delicious and nutritious addition to any lunchbox!

There are several varieties of Karengo around New Zealand (1), featuring different taste, colour & texture. Karengo is very nutritious, containing a large amount of vitamins & minerals, protein and a good amounts of iodine. I used to send this to my kids everyday in their lunchbox! a positive alternative to the sushi sheets most of which have been glazed with salty solutions to keep them shiny & crunchy 🙂


2 cups Pacific Harvest Karengo fronds
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds *
1 tsp coconut or olive oil

* Other nuts or seeds can be used very successfully
(1) we haven't been allowed to harvest Karengo from NZ since the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016 - we have found similar plants from overseas to hold us over unti we can harvest again.


Warm oil on medium heat and toss nuts and/or seeds until golden. Lower the heat to the lowest* setting and add Karengo fronds.  Toss with a wooden spoon until crunchy and shiny, about 5  minutes. Allow mixture to cool in the pan. If not eaten straight away, store in  an airtight plastic container away from direct light.

*ideally the heat is very low so to preserve natural enzymes & vitamins in Karengo. Another way to do this is to use a very low oven (40 C ) or a de-hydrator for several hours.