An easy and delicious snack to serve when entertaining.

These goat cheese balls look impressive and pack a lot of nutrition.

The combination of the smooth and tangy goat cheese and seaweed seasoning is a delight for both the eyes and the palate. Pacific Harvest Furikake Seasoning is not unlike dukkha in texture, it is colourful and flaky but has sesame seeds instead of nuts. Our version is vegetarian, gluten-free and has not artificial flavours. It is used here to season our cheese balls, giving them a fantastic burst of flavour and nutrition! Add a bit of freshly ground black pepper for bite and finish with a drop of Manuka honey to balance with a bit of sweetness. Easy as....


cheese balls recipe

simple ingredients for the cheese truffles

(to make about 15 truffles)

100g soft goat feta cheese at room temperature
3 tbsp of Pacific Harvest Furikake (seaweed seasoning), flavour of your choice - chilli, garlic or citrus
Freshly ground black pepper
Runny Manuka Honey in a little dispenser bottle.

Some options to add variety: add to the Furikake some minced parsley, chopped chives or even in black sesame seeds 🙂


Measure the Furikake and add the ground pepper to taste to a bowl. Mix with a fork to combine. If using, chop the parsley and/or chives fine and add to the bowl.
Unwrap the goat cheese and break it up with a fork. Scoop out some goat cheese with a teaspoon (or melon spoon). Notice the quantity so you can repeat and make your truffles roughly the same size.
Form a ball with your hands and roll it around in the Furikake mixture until it is well coated.
Transfer the ball to a serving platter and continue until all the cheese is used up.
Garnish with a drop or two of Manuka honey and serve with fruits and crackers.

Chef's tips: Although a few different types of creamy cheese can be used to make this recipe, like regular cow feta, ewe cheese, traditional quark or regular cream cheese, I am particularly fond of goat cheese. For one, it is a lot more digestible; in fact many people who suffer an intolerance to cow's protein can actually deal with goat's products.
No need to add salt. The cheese has some and the seaweed tastes naturally salty.