roast pumpkin

Roast pumpkin with Furikake is always a succulent addition to a meal…the pumpkin gets a golden colour and the Furikake caramelises on it, yum!

Pumpkin roasted with Furikake is always a succulent addition to a meal…whether it is as a side vegetable or as a main dish in a bowl, mixed with grains, other vegetables, nuts, herbs and feta cheese, it is always satisfying. I have prepared the pumpkin in this recipe with the Chilli Furikake but it would be as succulent with the other flavours.


(to serve 4 as a side):

Half a crown pumpkin, cut into wedges (4-5cm at the thickest part)
Olive oil (or others that you use for baking)
Pacific Harvest Furikake (to taste) – I usually use Chilli Furikake on pumpkin, but the Citrus or Garlic flavours are equally delicious.


Warm the oven to 200 C and line an oven-proof tray with baking paper.
With a pastry brush (or your fingers if you prefer), ‘paint’ the pumpkin wedges with enough oil to help the seasoning stick.
Using a tablespoon, sprinkle the pumpkin pieces with the Furikake, I use quite a bit because the flavour is mild and I like the idea that the seasoning is packed with all sorts of goodness that my body needs.

Culinary tips:
Furikake is a tasty & colourful condiment that will add pizzazz to any dish. Choose a flavour and try it on vegetables, beans & pulses, cheese, fish or bread & potatoes. It is an excellent salt alternative for those who wish to lower their sodium intake. It is also an excellent garnish for rice, baked potatoes, savoury baking and soups!

Wellness tips:
Furikake contains all the minerals, vitamins, fatty & amino-acids, fibre, protein, anti-oxidants and compounds found in a broad range of seaweed. Regular intake will supplement and fortify your diet with many elements that are hard to get from other food sources.