seaweed butter

Photo: R Streeter for The Telegraph

Seaweed butter is another great way to add sea vegetables to one's diet and introduce the Umami flavour to various dishes.

Sea Lettuce is high in glutamic acid which is responsible for that flavour characteristic called 'umami'. Umami can be misinterpreted as saltiness which can lead to some people calling a dish too salty when in fact it is really savouriness that is being detected. This is the reason unsalted butter is used.


150g unsalted butter, softened
1 tbsp dried Sea Lettuce Flakes
juice & zest of one lime

*Smoked Kelp can be added for a delicate smoky flavour


Leave the butter to come to room temperature then whip it vigorously until light and creamy. Add in the Sea Lettuce Flakes (& Smoked Kelp, if desired) and continue to beat gently until incorporated.

Roll into a log and wrap well in baking paper and plastic film. Refrigerate until needed.

Chef's Tips: this butter is also delicious on new potatoes and fish filets


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