panna cotta

This panna cotta set with NZ Agar is vegan and no compromise to the traditional recipe,  a light touch at the end of a meal.


to serve 4

1 cup of coconut cream (Aroy-D tastes really good)
1 cup almond milk (or any other milk of your choice)
100gm vanilla sugar (or less, to taste - or plant based sweetener like stevia)
1 tsp Pacific Harvest Agar Powder
3 tbsp of coconut liqueur (optional)
Fresh, stewed or candied fruits to garnish

* Pudding may ‘sweat’ when weather is humid. To prevent this, you may dissolve 1 tsp of corn starch (corn flour) with the agar into the liquid that you are cooking


For the panna cotta, pour the liquids into a cooking pan and sprinkle with the Agar Powder. Using a whisk, mix to combine and let stand 10 minutes for the Agar to swell.
Add vanilla sugar (or alternative) to the Agar mixture. Stir to mix the ingredients and place the pan on medium heat. Allow to warm while stirring to dissolve the sugar & the Agar. When the mixture starts to boil, allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat. Add the liqueur if using. Ladle the mixture into serving bowls and stand until set.
To serve, decorate with fruits.

Chef's tips: to make this panna cotta raw, warm a small portion of the liquids (1/2 cup) and dissolve the agar & the sugar. Add this mixture to the rest of the liquids (raw). Combine & quickly ladle in the ramekins as the mixture will set at room temperature. Be sure to not disturb the mixture after it has started to set as it may not set again properly. If this happens, the only thing to do is to warm the mixture again until melted & smooth and reset in the ramekins.