Recipe & photo by Prannie Rhatigan

This recipe by Prannie Rhatigan in the 'Irish Seaweed Kitchen' cookbook, will keep several days and can even be frozen, make a big batch!


15g dried Sea Spaghetti
100ml water
1 tsp honey
dash of kirsch or cherry brandy

Fruit Salad:

200g dried figs or prunes
200g dried apricots and pears
55g sultanas
1/4 cinnamon stick
300ml fruit flavoured green tea * + juice & zest of one lemon
1 tsp molasses or honey
dash of kirsch or cherry brandy
1 cup mixed frozen berries
medium tin of sliced peaches (or fresh nectarines in season)

*berry is used here, but stone fruits and other flavours can also be used to good effect


prannie_potrait_thumbnailTo prepare & leave overnight:
Rinse Sea Spaghetti in cold water and snip into 2.5cm pieces. Then soak the seaweed in the mixture of water, honey, kirsch or cherry brandy. Leave overnight at room temperature. Soak the prunes/figs, apricots & sultanas in a mixture of green tea, lemon juice, honey, brandy. Defrost the berries at room temperature.

Next day:
Add the prepared brandied Sea Spaghetti to the fruits and their soaking liquid. Transfer to a large serving dish and add the berries, the peaches and the peach juice. Mix altogether gently. Add honey to taste if necessary. Add kirsch or brandy to taste and serve at room temperature. Serve with a dollop of mascarpone cheese, custard or crème fraiche.