Alaria – Atlantic Wakame – 20g

Alaria – Atlantic Wakame – 20g


Alaria dubbed ‘Atlantic Wakame’ is one of the sweeter seaweed from the Northern Hemisphere. The taste is delicate and the leaves are silky with a bit of a crunch.

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Alaria, often called “Atlantic Wakame”, is one of the sweeter tasting seaweed of the Northern Hemisphere. It is similar to Wakame in flavour but with a bit more crunch to the texture. It belongs to the ‘brown seaweed’ group and grows along the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. The seaweed has a natural khaki/copper colour and is nutritious & versatile. Easy to prepare, it has been enjoyed in the British Isles for centuries.

The white powder that often covers the surface of the dried leaves is called ‘Umami’ in Japanese. It is a naturally occurring amino-acid that rises to the surface as the plant dries and ages and it is prized by chefs for its taste & balancing effect on the flavour of the dish.


Our Alaria leaves are harvested sustainably from the wild in Ireland and are dried naturally to preserve all their nutritional quality. Our Alaria is tested for contaminants.

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Culinary Information

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Like Wakame, Alaria is one of the sweeter tasting seaweed you can have. It is incredibly versatile and can be easily re-hydrated back to its original state in a matter of minutes. The texture is silky with a slight crunch, and its delicate taste makes it easy to include in a variety of dishes. A close cousin to the well-known Wakame, it is suited to the same applications: traditional Asian soups or salad, or more western-type preparations like vegetable stir-fry, Tofu salads and potato cakes. It makes for succulent baked fish when used as a wrap, or simply roll the leaf lined with smoked salmon, cream cheese & fresh dill (see picture on the bag)!

Health & Nutrition

Alaria’s nutritional profile and benefits are also similar to that of Wakame. It is highly recommended in the Macrobiotic diet because of its highly alkaline qualities. Alaria is nutritious, an excellent source of minerals (esp. calcium, iron, potassium & magnesium) vitamins, a good source of iodine, vegetarian protein, dietary fibre, essential amino acids and many vitamins (esp. C & B complex). To keep the nutrients intact, just soak the dry seaweed in tepid water or add at the very end of a warm dish.

Label & Warnings

Alaria will expand about 5 times upon re-hydrating; beware how much you are re-hydrating because shelf life is short after reconstitution.

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