Furikake – Chilli (GM Free) 75g

Furikake – Chilli (GM Free) 75g


A new twist on the Japanese condiment, Chilli Furikake combines 5 seaweeds to produce a nutritious condiment for a wide range of culinary applications.

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Furikake flakes are a tasty, flaky & colourful condiment combining seaweeds from different colour groups, sesame seeds & chilli/capsicum.

Furikake means 'seasoning' in Japanese. Pacific Harvest’s is formulated to preserve the idea of the traditional Japanese seasoning without the use of animal products, sugar or MSG.
This tasty, flaky & colourful condiment combines 5 seaweeds, sesame seeds & natural flavours to produce a nutritionally dense condiment with a wide range of culinary applications. It is vegan and combines the nutritional profiles of sea vegetables from different colour groups; it makes it easy to eat a variety of seaweeds with different benefits.
A good salt alternative for those trying to reduce sodium, Furikake has a salty taste with a fraction of the sodium in salt and a much better balance of other essential minerals.


The various seaweeds in Furikake are sourced from NZ & overseas; they are all tested for contaminants.

Additional information

Weight.108 kg
Dimensions4.6 × 4.6 × 12.4 cm

Culinary Information

Download your Furikake-recipe-brochure Chilli Furikake is used as a condiment or a garnish. It is perfect sprinkled on rice and noodles, an excellent seasoning to use during cooking for fish and poultry, and fantastic on root vegetables before roasting or after grilling & steaming. It also makes a wonderful statement on creamy soups and gives taste & colour to savoury baking, spreads (like hummus) & canapés. Watch our video for fish parcels by Kelly Young. It makes a wonderful statement on soups & dips and gives taste & colour to pastries. Try Chilli Furikake on baked pumpkin! A feast for the eyes and the palate! For those who know dukkha or gomasio, Furikake is something similar which features seeds instead of nuts and has the same advantage as gomasio to further the salthy taste with a fraction of the sodium.

Health & Nutrition

Furikake contains the wide range of nutrients consistent with the presence of 5 different sea vegetable ingredients., sesame seeds and citrus zest. Furikake contains Kelp, Karengo, Wakame, Sea Lettuce & Ao-nori. Read about the characteristics of seaweeds from different colour groups: red, brown & green

Label & Warnings

Citrus Furikake is very concentrated in many nutrients including iodine. Please refer to the chilli-furikake-label for the iodine content. How much iodine one needs is a controversial subject and we invite you to do your own research and see your health practitioner for personalised advice.

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