Irish Moss Seaweed – Pieces – 25g

Irish Moss Seaweed – Pieces – 25g


Irish Moss  is mostly used as a gelling agent and has traditionally been used as a nutritious food that reduces inflammation.


Irish Moss Seaweed is not a moss but a type of red seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean that’s been used for centuries to set puddings, reduce inflammation and strengthen malnourished individuals.  It contains high levels (55 %+) of carrageenan, a natural jelly present in red seaweeds. Recently, Irish Moss has been enjoying a revival as an ingredient in raw desserts - the whole re-hydrated plant is pureed to produce a gel  used to give texture to a variety of food. The true Irish Moss – Chrondrus crispus – comes from the Atlantic coastline; ours is harvested by hand from the wild in Ireland - where it is abundant - and it is dried naturally to preserve all its goodness. Other plants have similar gelatinous abilities but they are not Irish Moss although they are falsely named the same.
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Our Irish Moss is wild harvested in Ireland & has been tested for contaminants.

Additional information

Weight.036 kg
Dimensions18 × 8 × 3.4 cm

Culinary Information

Download your Irish Moss Recipe Brochure for inspiration on a variety of ways to use the plant. Irish Moss is a plant that is consumed differently to most other edible seaweeds because of its high content in mucilaginous material. It has traditionally been simmered and consumed as a liquid broth or used as a thickener for puddings. Nowadays, its revival has been linked to the raw food movement where it is made into a raw gel  used in a variety of applications to thicken or as an alternative to gelatine.

Health & Nutrition

Irish Moss contains many beneficial nutrients; in particular, sulphur, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium & folate and a favourable omega3/6 ratio. Please note that the values in the table are for general reference only as they will vary according to season, harvesting location and drying process. Simmered broth made with Irish Moss has been used for centuries as a building food, nourishing people with illness, fatigue & physical injuries. It has been used as a respiratory tonic, to soothe the digestive tract & skin and strengthen connective tissue & joints. The seaweed is also 'time released' carb that provides a feeling of fullness.


prebiotic effects of irish moss enhanced immune response polysaccharides & immunity

Label & Warnings

Irish Moss contains carrageenan, a naturally occuring gelling ingredient in the plant. Carrageenan has been the subject of much controversy when it is processed & isolated, because the degraded version may have adverse health effects. Click for more details. There is also some evidence that Carrageenan may decrease blood pressure & slow blood clotting. Consult your health practitioner before consuming Irish Moss if you take medications for high blood pressure or blood thinners.

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