Kelp – Chilli Seasoning (NZ)- 250g

Kelp – Chilli Seasoning (NZ)- 250g


Chilli Kelp seasoning is great to add warmth & pzazz to a dish while increasing your iodine intake naturally! Especially tasty with root vegetables & beef.


Kelp is classified as a Brown Algae, the seaweed group that generally boast the highest iodine content. Pacific Harvest prepares a range of exquisite kelp condiments designed to enhance both wellbeing and cooking experience. Very little salt (if any) is required when using them. The mineral concentration is such that Kelp tastes salty naturally, with a lot less sodium than salt. In Chilli Kelp Seasoning, kelp granules (71%) are mixed with chillies and other spices to make a warm and nutritious condiment.

Because of its very high concentration in iodine and its leathery texture, Kelp does very well prepared as a seasoning. The grind is small enough to become tender when exposed to moisture from other food ingredients and it's easy to monitor the very small quantities required to meet RDI (recommended daily allowance).


Our Kelp is wild-harvested sustainably from designated coastal areas in New Zealand and tested for contaminants.

Additional information

Weight.292 kg
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 11.7 cm

Culinary Information

Download your Kelp Recipe Brochure Chilli Kelp Seasoning can be used before, during or after cooking. We particularly like Chilli Kelp as a rub on beef or lamb where it performs both as a seasoning and a tenderiser. The chilli flavour infuses the meat and the kelp tenderises and provides for the salty taste! Chilli Kelp also makes a flavourful garnish on many foods including casserole dish, stir-fries, salads or spreads & dips (like hummus or guacamole). Try Chilli Kelp on cauliflower, add a bit of cheese, delicious! For best results add the flavoured seasonings at the end of the cooking when flavouring a stew or casserole dish as prolong cooking will weaken the natural flavours & destroy some of the vitamins. Alternatively, just use half the seasoning during cooking and add a bit more to the dish just before serving. Because of its savoury ‘Umami’ taste – the fifth human taste – which subtly enhances other ingredients, it doubles as a flavour enhancer. Kelp is a tenderiser for meat when used as a rub before cooking. The enzymes in the kelp work on the connective tissues between the meat fibres and break them down, thus making the meat more tender.

Health & Nutrition

Kelp Seasonings are often used as a salt alternative for people wanting to maintain healthy iodine levels naturally and reduce sodium in their diet. The condiment contains all the naturally occurring nutrients present in kelp. Flavoured Kelp Seasonings are slightly weaker in iodine than plain kelp because of the other ingredients present in the mixture. Refer to the label for nutritional information and serving size.

Label & Warnings

Kelp is very high in iodine. In NZ the RDI (recommended daily intake) for iodine is 150mcg. Consume in small quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine. Some individuals are extremely sensitive to iodine, especially those with ‘seafood allergy’. A little bit too much in their diets and they begin to exhibit hyperthyroid signs and symptoms: nervousness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, irritability and even iodine-induced goitre. There is controversy over how much iodine one should consume, seek the help of a qualified health professional for personalised advice.

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