Kelp Salt (Natural, NZ) – 400g

Kelp Salt (Natural, NZ) – 400g


This Kelp Salt is made from organically produced NZ sea salt, fortified with the natural goodness of New Zealand Kelp which is especially rich in iodine.



Kelp Salt is a mixture of organically produced NZ natural sea salt and NZ kelp.
Salt is essential to life and although it is 99% sodium chloride, it also contains a large number of other minerals in minute quantities. The iodine content in natural sea salt is very very weak.  On the other hand, NZ Kelp is very very rich in iodine, in a form the body recognises.

Because there is controversy about the 'goodness' of iodised table salt , we have created this mixture, blending the goodness of natural sea salt and the nutritious kelp to add iodine naturally into your diet. But Kelp provides more than iodine, it contains many other elements such as iron, magnesium and Vitamin B’s. Read about NZ Kelp.
Keep very dry. If salt absorbs moisture, dry contents in a warm oven.


Totally natural New Zealand Sea Salt & NZ Kelp– free of processing or additives.
The salt is produced organically.

Additional information

Weight.450 kg
Dimensions6.7 × 6.7 × 11.7 cm

Culinary Information

Pacific Harvest Kelp Salt can be used as a healthy and tasty replacement for regular table salt. Although its taste is not noticeably different to salt alone, one might find a slightly stronger mineral flavour because of the high concentration of minerals in kelp.

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Health & Nutrition

Kelp salt contains all the nutrients naturally found in natural un-processed sea salt and in raw kelp, in particular: high levels of iodine, high concentration in vitamins, minerals & trace elements, and special compounds unique to seaweed: Algins, fucoidan & unique phyto-chemicals. Ingredients: natural Sea Salt and kelp (Ecklonia radiata) from New Zealand. Free of additives, artificial colourings and preservatives.

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Label & Warnings

This blend approximate the recommended daily intake  (RDI) of iodine with the RDI of salt for adults. There is a lot of controversy over how much salt and how much iodine one should consume. Also, each person is in a different situation with their need for either and we recommend seeking the help of a qualified health practitioner if in doubt.


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