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Natural Sea Salt NZ Coarse – 400g

Natural Sea Salt NZ Coarse – 400g


PH’s Sea Salt is produced organically at Lake Grassmere, in the South Island of NZ.  It contains all the elements found in unprocessed natural sea salt.


Our Natural Sea Salt Coarse is produced organically in New Zealand, at Lake Grassmere in the South Island. The sea water is pumped and evaporated into various ponds to produce salt crystals using the natural process of the sun and wind. At the end of each summer the natural salt is harvested in a way that maintains the balance of minerals & all of its goodness.
Many people believe that this balance of minerals has beneficial effects on the body.
Salt has only been produced in NZ since the Second World War.
Keep very dry. If salt absorbs moisture, dry contents in a warm oven.


Totally Natural New Zealand Sea Salt – minimal processing & free of additives.
This salt is produced organically and we stock 2 grind sizes: fine & coarse.

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 6.7 x 6.7 x 11.7 cm

Culinary Information

Specialty salts are about more than just taste: their texture and appearance on the plate are just as important. Harvested from shallow evaporation pools, often by hand—they form complex flaky structures. On the tongue, it's like the difference between snowflakes and shards of crushed ice. Keep very dry. If salt absorbs moisture, dry contents in a warm oven.

Salt has many culinary applications. Besides the most common one of flavouring our food, it can be used to cure meat & fish, to enable fermented foods, to use as a crust to bake fishvegetables or meat and also to pickle garden-fresh vegetables & herbs.

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Health & Nutrition

Natural Sea Salt contains higher levels of Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals than normal table salt, as these minerals are naturally present in seawater. Some people believe this balance of minerals has beneficial effects on the body.

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Label & Warnings

This salt is totally natural which means that the iodine content is minimal. Iodine is an important mineral for health and can be found in seaweed (the best source in nature), fish and shellfish. Alternatively, we mix a 'kelp salt' where natural sea salt is combined with kelp from NZ to add the iodine (and many other nutrients) to the salt.

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