Sea Grapes – in Brine 450ml

Sea Grapes – in Brine 450ml


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Currently unavailable – Well known in the Pacific Islands, Sea grapes are bright green and owe their name to their physical resemblance to green grape clusters.


Sea Grapes are a vibrant green seaweed that owes its name to its grape-like appearance. The taste is fresh, reminiscent of cucumber with a hint of salt water. For many, Sea Grapes are the vegetarian alternative to caviar and it lends itself to similar applications. It is popular seaweed in Okinawa, Japan, where it is enjoying a reputation for increasing longevity. Our Sea Grapes are harvested in the clean waters of the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Harvest Sea Grapes are packed in brine. Preparation is simple - just rinse in fresh water for a few minutes to plump up and reduce salt content.

Although Sea Grapes are found in New Zealand, quantities are small and colonies sparse. Pacific Harvest Sea Grapes are imported from the Pacific Islands where they are harvested from the wild and provide a living to many coastal villages. We may also source Sea Grapes from Southeast Asia (where they cultivated) whenever we can't get them from the Pacific Islands.

Our Sea grapes are tested for contaminants, including heavy metals & radiations isotopes.

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Culinary Information

Due to their unique pleasant appearance, fresh taste and texture, they make an excellent garnish, a superb addition to raw salads, marinated fish dishes, or can be used as an excellent vegan alternative to caviar. TASTE: mild, fresh sea taste, cucumber TEXTURE: grape like on palate & slightly sweet & crunchy PRESENTATION: fresh preserved in brine Download your Sea Grapes Recipe Brochure

Nutritional Information

Sea Grapes are rich in minerals & vitamins, have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties and are said to be good for high blood pressure & rheumatism.

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