Sea Spaghetti Branches – 250g

Sea Spaghetti Branches – 250g


Sea Spaghetti seaweed grows naturally in the shape of a noodle. Sold dry, it’s totally unprocessed and it rehydrates to a mild flavour & ‘al dente’ texture.

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Sea Spaghetti is a prolific brown seaweed from the North Atlantic. The blades (seaweed leaves) look like long narrow whips in a shape reminiscent of noodles. Once reconstituted, the texture of Sea Spaghetti seaweed is that of ‘al dente’ pasta. The colour may vary from dark brown, khaki to olive-green, depending on location, season and maturity of the plant. Sea Spaghetti is mostly sold dried in lengths which taste a bit like biltong.

Make sure to check out the video below... Kelly Young is preparing 'White Fish Parcels on Seaweed Pasta'


Our Sea Spaghetti is currently imported from Brittany in France and is tested for contaminants.

Additional information

Weight.27 kg
Dimensions24 × 15.5 × 8.6 cm

Culinary Information

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The best way to enjoy Sea Spaghetti is re-constituted. There are 2 methods: you can keep it raw by simply soaking the dried lengths for half an hour or more in tepid liquid or, if you are in a hurry or prefer it cooked, simply boil it for 10 minutes like you would pasta. Sea Spaghetti will expand 4-5 times its weight & size, and the colour may change from black to brown or olive green. The taste is very mild, a good start for the inexperienced palate and the texture is familiar too, similar to that of ‘al dente’ pasta.
The soaking/cooking juice makes a nutritious stock that can be added to smoothies, soups or stews. For extra flavour, soak Sea Spaghetti in a tasty liquid instead of just water - stock, juice, herbal/fruit teas or sherry - the seaweed will absorb the flavour nicely. In this case, a longer soaking time will result in a stronger the taste and weaker saltiness,. See how this is applied in this winter fruit salad.
The re-hydrated seaweed can used in salads & soups, mixed with pasta; or just pan fried for a few minutes with garlic, salt and pepper as a side vegetable. Celebrity Chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal have used the seaweed to create innovative & healthy dishes. Sea Spaghetti makes a great accompaniment to tuna steak, salmon steak or scallops. Chefs have also deep-fried it (dried or re-hydrated) until golden and crispy and used it as a garnish on food or as a snack with lemon.

Health & Nutrition

Like all seaweeds in the Brown group, Sea Spaghetti is an excellent source of iodine and unique health-giving compounds like Fucoxanthin, Alginic Acid, Fucoidan, Laminarin and Lignans. It is particularly rich in calcium, magnesium & zinc, fibre and has a good balance of vitamins.


Hypoglycemic effects
Bioactive Fucoxanthin
Fucoxanthin relevance for humans
Nutritional & anti-oxidant properties
Health-promoting effects

Cautionary Notes

Sea Spaghetti belongs to the brown seaweed group and therefore contains fairly high levels of iodine. Only a few strands per serving are necessary to meet iodine RDI.

Please refer to the information on the label to determine appropriate intake.

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