Karengo & Tamarillo Chutney

Karengo & Tamarillo Chutney


Not available for shipment outside New Zealand - please contact us to order.

A traditional Chutney in New Zealand, warm with spices & deliciously sweet.

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Our Karengo & Tamarillo Chutney offers a fantastic taste experience along with the health benefits of a unique nutritional profile. The combination of ripe fruits lightly cooked in a mix of exotic spices and Karengo seaweed creates a unique balance of flavours. Its wholesome texture and dazzling colour make it an interesting feature alongside any dish. Only the finest quality produce is used to make this unique chutney. We source organically grown tamarillos (when available) and use only natural unprocessed ingredients.

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6.5 x 8.7 cm


Culinary Information

Karengo & Tamarillo Chutney is a fantastic accompaniment to cold lamb, corn beef and other meats, with roast vegetables, or simply as a tasty snack with cheese on crackers or bread.

Nutritional Information

Contains all the goodness found in Karengo seaweed and fresh land grown fruits & vegetables.INGREDIENTS: tamarillo, apple, onion, Karengo, brown sugar, malt vinegar, spices, salt, pepper.

Label & Warnings

This product contains malt vinegar which is not 100% Gluten-free, but below 20ppm which makes it tolerable for many people with gluten allergy.
Read about it: http://bit.ly/2k1ySzw

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