Umami Powder – 30g

Umami Powder – 30g



Umami, the Japanese word for the ‘fifth taste’, a savoury, satisfying taste. Umami is a naturally occuring amino-acid in seaweed prized for its flavour.

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Umami is a unique savoury taste that balances and intensifies other flavours. It is found in a number of foods but seaweed is particularly rich in it.

Umami is difficult to describe. Translated from Japanese, it means yummy, delicious & satisfying. It is a savoury taste, one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness). People identify its taste through receptors specific to glutamate. L-Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid widely present in seaweed and other savoury foods such as vegetables, meat, shellfish, broths and fermented products. This more-ish sensation is mouth-watering & long lasting.

Our Umami is produced locally by an artisan from NZ  Ecklonia Kelp. It is very pure, raw & vegan; its taste potency by many chefs. Only a dusting is required to deepen the flavour of your dish.

Our NZ Kelp is tested for contaminants, including heavy metals & radiations isotopes.

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Culinary Information

Scientists consider umami to be a distinct taste because it uses its own receptors on the tongue. Umami is naturally present in many foods in various degree. Fairly unremarkable on its own, it intensifies the taste of salt and sweet, and balances bitter and sour; it intensifies all flavours. Its effect is to balance taste and round out the overall flavour of a dish. Umami powder can be dusted on a dish as a seasoning but its effect is amplified if the food is warm or cooking. Fermentation also intensifies the flavour. Umami is always there when you taste a dish that is just superb, it has to do with the combination of ingredients and the method of preparation which releases the amino-acids responsible for the ‘savoury wonder’. Use a dusting of Umami powder to easily add instant flavour and depth to your recipes:  • Umami powder is used while cooking or sprinkled on afterwards on the warm dish to take your dishes to another level. • Umami can also be rubbed on meat, poultry or fish; the taste will be incorporated into the meat through the roasting or cooking process. • Sprinkle a small amount into stir fries, casseroles, risotto, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, soup and stew. • Sprinkle a small amount into a heating pan containing small amount of white wine or stock and stir well. This will create a sauce that can be added on top of vegetables or meats or used like a bouillon. Sources: Umami and food Concept of Umami Temperatures & Umami taste

Health & Nutrition

Our Umami is distilled from kelp and is wholesome. Umami is different to MSG although it has similar culinary applications. Umami is good for your health in many ways. MSG is a synthetic reproduction of the natural Umami found in food. It is thought to have a detrimental effect on health. Dietary Umami is said to promote satiety and regulate food intake to help reduce craving for fat, sugar and salt. Research also shows that Umami can promote salivation and improve the perception of flavour, problems elderly have as a side effect of medication. Umami can also improve the taste of low fat/sugar/salt food, may boost post-meal satiety, helping you to eat less, and possibly lose weight, over time. Sources: Glutamine & glutamate Umami and human salivation Umami & loss of taste Umami & modulation of sweetness

Cautionary Note

We are not aware of any contraindications for Umami powder.