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Beneficial Effects of Agar

Agar's benefits lie in the fact that it's a functional food, nourishment is only one of its contribution to a healthy body. AGAR'S BENEFITS AS A FUNCTIONAL FOOD Agar is very nourishing but has virtually no calories and is fat-free. According to the USDA nutritional data, Agar is a good source of many important minerals. More specifically, Agar…
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RED SEAWEEDS – Nutritional Benefits & Quick Applications

Red seaweeds are the oldest & largest group of algae with over 6000 species worldwide (roughly 570 species of found along the NZ coast).  Their distinctive colour pigments allow them to survive at great depths. They vary greatly in size, shape and ecosystem, and despite their name, their colour ranges from pink through to crimson,…
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Agar in Raw Food Recipes

Raw food recipes often present challenge with texture, especially when trying to make them low calories & low fat. The naturally occuring gel in seaweed has no fat and very few calories while providing a lovely texture and many essential nutrients. Agar is not strictly RAW but there are ways around the issue and still create raw food…
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Gelatine to Agar Conversion

CULINARY AGAR Unlike gelatine (derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones), Agar comes from seaweed. A positive gelatine substitute, Agar has no taste, no odour and no colour, and sets more firmly. It is more potent than gelatine, sets at room temperature and stays firm even when the temperature heats up. USING AGAR AS GELATINE SUBSTITUTE Agar…
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Agar assists weight loss naturally!

There are several articles and even a French book explaining how Japanese ladies use Agar every spring to cleanse their bodies and loose weight. The suggestion is simply to add ½ tsp of Agar powder to your favourite tea, and drink it 10 minutes before your evening meal.  According to Professor Takako Yasuoka, this creates…
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Making Low sugar Jams & Spreads with Agar

Rhubarb marmalade, perfect with croissants! I didn't know anything about agar and cared little for low sugar fruit jams when I first made this recipe after a week's holiday at l’Ile aux Coudres in Quebec, Canada. Ile aux Coudres is a charming little island in the Gulf of St-Lawrence, 6km from the main land. It is home to about 1200 people,…
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