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Bladderwrack External Remedies

There are many benefits for your body and well-being from soaking in a seaweed bath. The more consistent you are with the baths the more benefits you will receive. General benefits: Dissolves excess fat deposits Soften & tones the skin Strengthens the hair, skin & nails Restores skin tone & vitality Flushes out toxins Helps control cellulite…
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Agar in Raw Food Recipes

Raw food recipes often present challenge with texture, especially when trying to make them low calories & low fat. The naturally occuring gel in seaweed has no fat and very few calories while providing a lovely texture and many essential nutrients. Agar is not strictly RAW but there are ways around the issue and still create raw food…
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Make Your Own Seaweed Wraps, It’s Easy !

Most people's first experience of seaweed is sushi. These little bite size morsels are considered 'fast food' in Japan. Although they are a delicious way to start appreciating the taste of nori, the seaweed wraps are often over processed and glazed with flavoured salty mixtures to make them shiny and resistant to the ambient moisture, which…
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Seaweed – What Are They ?

Seaweed are the most ancient plants on earth and are at the base of the food chain. They have an amazing impact on all life on earth, including us humans.

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