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Why Eat Kelp?

Ecklonia radiata kelp also called North Island Kelp Kelp is the best natural source of iodine available and generally a positive alternative to salt. Kelp contains less sodium than salt, along with additional minerals required by the human body and a salty taste. Kombu is the Japanese name for kelp. In Japan, Kelp is presented as a…
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NAPIER – Market Day at Chantal Shop

Come meet us and see easy ways to add seaweed to your diet. Market Day 10am-2pm Seaweeds are incredibly healthy and offer much culinary appeal! The Focus will be on 'spring detox' and holiday foods! Sampling, information & recipes available
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Tasting Matakana

Join us for a taste of seaweeds & coconut kefir at the Hungry Elephant Cafe and find just how good these foods are on your taste buds and for your health! Sampling, information and recipes available. Seaweed are concentrated in minerals & trace elements and are healing for the gut. Coconut kefir is a fermented…
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WAKAME – Nutrition & Wellness

Wakame nutrition & wellness properties come from its high concentration in essential nutrients and the presence of unique compounds that support the cardiovascular system, maintain hormonal balance, strengthen bones, improve circulation and promote skin health. In Asia, especially Japan, the beneficial effects of Wakame have been understood since antiquity as noted in folk sayings such as "Wakame…
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BROWN SEAWEEDS – Nutritional Benefits & Quick Applications

Brown seaweeds, known for their iodine content, include the largest sea plants, some of them part of large under-water forests. There are about 160 species in New Zealand. Although grouped as ‘brown’, their colour may vary. The most popular edible brown species are: Kelp / Kombu, Wakame, Sea Spaghetti & Bladderwrack. NUTRITIONAL PROFILE OF BROWN…
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