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Seaweed in your Diet – How to Get Started

[caption id="attachment_6775" align="aligncenter" width="4695"] Dishes with seaweed at Pacific Harvest tasting[/caption] From doing lots of tastings and workshops, I know that even though people absolutely believe in the nutritional & wellness virtues of seaweeds, it is for most, a significant challenge to make it part of the diet consistently enough to make a difference to…
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WELLINGTON – Keen to learn about Seaweed?

Need inspiration to get seaweed in your diet? Wondering what is so fantastic about seaweed? Come to Moore Wilson's Friday & Saturday 29-30 January 10am-3pm and feast your eyes & taste buds on dishes made with various seaweed ingredients... Recipes & information available.
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WELLINGTON – Commonsense Organics KAPITI Tasting

Seaweed is an incredibly versatile ingredient in cooking. Beside their tantalising culinary qualities, seaweeds have very compelling health properties. They are a nutrition powerhouse and contain unique disease fighting compounds. Tasting will be focused on using seaweed in summer dishes. Recipes & information available.
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