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Spirulina Daily – a Big Difference to your Wellbeing

Having Spirulina every day can make a huge difference to your ability to fend off diseases & ailments, especially as you age. Spirulina is not a seaweed, but a bacteria that grows in warm & sunny climates in bodies of fresh/blackish water. It has some affinity to the algae world in that it's chlorophyll-rich and nourishes…
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Spirulina – not Seaweed?

A cyanobacteria bloom in California. Spirulina benefits are similar to seaweed's although it is a different organism entirely: a microscopic blue-green algae classified as bacteria. This spiral shaped, vitamin-rich algae has existed since the beginning of life on earth and grows in alkaline water bodies (mostly lakes, ponds & rivers) mostly in warm & sunny climates. CHARACTERISTICS…
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NAPIER – Market Day at Chantal Shop

Come meet us and see easy ways to add seaweed to your diet. Market Day 10am-2pm Seaweeds are incredibly healthy and offer much culinary appeal! The Focus will be on 'spring detox' and holiday foods! Sampling, information & recipes available
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