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Sea vegetables can be an unsurpassed complement to most meals for both taste and nutritional value even in Western cuisine. the secret is to know what other foods complement the taste of a particular sea vegetable. Different varieties of sea vegetables, like land vegetables, have widely different tastes and characteristics.

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Pacific Harvest is an innovative producer & distributor of fine seaweed products.

Fine seaweed products

We are focused on creating great tasting seaweed products to complement western dishes, providing them with the natural nutritional benefits from seaweed.

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Cacao Spirulina Bliss Balls
sweet but not too much!


1 cup almond meal ΒΌ cup desiccated coconut 2 tbsp cacao powder 2 tbsp coconut oil 3 tbsp honey (or to taste) 1 tbsp vanilla bean paste 2 tbsp Spirulina powder Optional: extra cacao nibs, coconut filaments, chopped nuts (macadamia, pistachio...) or seeds to decorate

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